We use our knowledge and experience to IMPROVE the human values and well-being of individuals and teams……… because, when teams are healthy, so are profits 

Being a leader is demanding. It requires you to be both inwardly mindful and outwardly inspirational and motivational to others.  This seemingly impossible task is possible with the right knowledge.We have that knowledge and will help you and your team in a very simple and practical way to boost your own strengths and develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills to recognize each other’s.

People will not remember you for the amount of money your made, but for the LEGACY you created.

Sinto Llobera

gLOBAL disc certified master trainer
ABNLP Certified coach
Time Line certified therapist

Human 2 Human (H2H) practise is based on field experience plus Exponential Coaching, Inside-out Leadership Coaching , Positive Psychology Coaching, and Patrick Lencioni’s Team Coaching methodology. All supported with Cross-Cultural studies and constant updates as well as the most complete, updated, innovative, and multi-award-winning psychometric solution available in this XXI century, GlobalDISC.

Being nowadays and ICQpreneur, in my exciting journey I’ve been working in the tourism, Media, events production and hospitality industry, both as manager, director and Entrepreneur.  From 2011 to 2018 I’ve been training and developing Sales and Marketing strategies in 10+ countries under the wings of Hard Rock International. 

This mix of theory and practice on the field gave me the advantage on being able to empathize with, no matter their culture,  my clients (coachees) and stakeholders, understanding their needs, struggles, and momenta. 


Black Sheep coaching is a 3 months one-on-one methodology that can be embraced by any couraged human being that aims for self-inclusion,self-awareness, and a self-driven life and performance.

Specifically recommended for executives that get stuck and are flirting with dangerous behaviors, to anyone that is dealing with painful addictions, and for the ones who need a radical change in their life

Join the ICQpreneurs

In the business world there is a new breed emerging… ICQpreneurs are the new type of leaders who are able to create a  compatible, productive and motivated team by leveraging their personal and cultural differences. They have the mindset of an entrepreneur, the drive of an immigrant and the vision of an oracle. They are able to bring people together who have a common future as opposed to a common past and they thrive in a VUCA environment where others are struggling.

Why the world’s top executive coach, the  #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership and corporate culture recommends our solution?

Worlds of innovation

LEAD people in a way that they feel understood and engaged instead of stressing each other out and damage your business or reputation.

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Based In Chiang Mai, Thailand. We’ve worked in 10+ different countries and we’re ready to help you whenever you’re located. Just drop us a message and..

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